VTech Process Equipment LLC | Process Equipment for HVAC/R Assembly Lines


Leak Detection Leak testing
Refrigerant Charging Refrigerant
Pre-Evacuation Pre-Evacuation
Electrical Safety & Performance Test Electrical Safety &
Performance Test

VTech Process Equipment is a U.S.-based manufacturer of custom process equipment for HVAC/R OEM assembly lines, including leak testing, pre-evacuation, refrigerant charging and electrical/performance testing. Our core competencies are process technology and manufacturing engineering, acquired through decades of industry experience. We use our standard equipment modules to create customized solutions. Your benefit: increased reliability and lower cost. Our demo equipment program allows a no-risk evaluation of our technology.


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Coils and Components Coils and Components
Domestic & Commercial Refrigeration Domestic & Commercial Refrigeration
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning
Custom Equipment Custom Equipment