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VTech Fast Charge, Refrigerant Cylinder Filling System

VTech’s Fast Charge Refrigerant Cylinder Filling System transfers refrigerant from bulk storage tanks (half ton or one ton) to smaller tanks 30 – 100 lb). Users are typically Refrigerant Producers and/or Refrigerant Distributors who repackage the gas for resale. So, large quantities and fast production rates require the transfer to be made at high speeds.

VTech’s Fast Charge can fill multiple tanks at the same time, first evacuating the cylinders, performing a vacuum decay leak test, before filling. The control station and user software makes it easy and safe; in fact, the scales help automatically select the correct amount of the charge based on the tare weight of the empty cylinder so accidental overcharges are prevented.

Each system is specified according to the end user’s requirements.


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VTech Fast Charge
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