Refrigerant leak testing/detection of a sealed refrigeration circuit takes place right after Refrigerant Filling and/or after Performance Testing.

  • The leak detector is a manually-held probe or automatic multiplexer with gas traps
  • It is the final leak test and is usually performed during/after run test.
  • The leak detector technology is based on an Infrared Sensor which is very sensitive (in the range of 0.03 ounce or 1 grams per year of refrigerant) and offers fewer false alarms compared to Halogen-based detectors.

Product Items

PLD2000, Refrigerant Sniffing Leak Detector

The PLD2000 is the latest model of the VTech PLD series leak detectors. As its predecessor, it is based on infrared technology, providing high sensitivity and reliability of measure.

The PLD2000EX is the ATEX version, suitable for Zone 2 hazardous environment (ATEX directive 2014/34/EU)

It is suitable for integration in VTech SAFE-HC monitoring system for flammable refrigerant.


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PLD2000, Refrigerant Sniffing Leak Detector
  • Technical Data
    Detectable RefrigerantsR600a, R290, R448, R449, R32, R410a, HFO1234YF, R134a and more
    Smallest detectable leak0.3 g/y (0.01 oz/y)
    Response Time<1 second
    Measurement Range0.3 – 100 g/y
    Warm up time45 sec
    Leak rate unitsg/y, oz/y
    Display8 inches
    Sniffer Tip Length120 mm (4.7”) – optional 320 mm (12.6”)
    Adjustable Set Points1
    Power Supply80-240 V, 50-60 Hz
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