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Product Releases:

VTech’s latest technology innovations
Zero-Gas Release Injector:Eliminates Refrigerant “Puffing” for added safety as in the case of HC refrigerants and environmental protection for HFC & HCFC’s.
VTech TRP Vacuum Pumps
VTech TRP Vacuum Pumps deliver superior perfromance at an affordable price. Range od sizes and technical data enclosed.

VTech Talks: brief White Papers on topics of interest

Brief White Papers on topics of interest
Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Recovery: Discused is recent regulatory ban lifting for venting HC’s and the Exhaust & Purge Equipment VTech manufactures.
Vacuum As Leak Test:
Discussed are the pros and cons of using vacuum as a leak test method, including understanding the vacuum curve.

News Archive:

PDF #19 Fall 2013 (PDF – 940 KB)
Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Venting. Refrigerant reclaim. R22 prices on the rise.

PDF #18 Spring 2013 (PDF – 895 KB)
Engineering Value. Modular Equipment Design. Helium cost analysis. Leak Detection installation.

PDF #17 Fall 2012 (PDF – 396 KB)
Alternative Refrigerants in North America. Rules and Regulations. Refrigerant data.

PDF #16 Spring/Q2 2012 (PDF – 192 KB)
The importance of evacuation in Leak Detection. Precision Gas Filling. Operator and Supervisor Training.PDF #15 Winter/Q1 2012 (PDF – 172 KB)
Automating the Sniffing Process. Other Automatic Leak Detection Systems. Background Concentration.

PDF #14 Summer 2011 (PDF – 333 KB)
Domestic Refrigeration Spotlight. Pre-Evacuation Best Practices. Customer Updates. Demo Equipment Program.

PDF #13 Winter 2011 (PDF – 1.25 MB)
Product Selection Issue: Leak Detection Methods and Technologies, R1234yf refrigerant charging

PDF #12 Summer 2010 (PDF – 646 KB)
Time saving and Quality Issue: Essentials of Leak Manufacturing, Installation Update

PDF #11 Summer 2009 (PDF – 597 KB)
Customer Focus: Air Innovations; Alternative Refrigerants; Pumpdown Time and Pre-Evacuation Layout; Refrigerant Leak Rate Formula

PDF #10 Winter 2010 (PDF – 601 KB)
MasSpec; R410a, Vacuum Pump Sizing; Pressure Decay Test Profiling

PDF #9 Summer 2008 (PDF – 611 KB)
Unconditional Gaurantees; Work Easy; Pressure; Brand Identity

PDF #8 Winter 2008 (PDF – 1.28 MB)
VTech 100; History of VTech; Refrigeration 101

PDF #7 Summer 2007 (PDF – 555 KB)
McQuay; Helium vs. Hydrogen; Outside-In Automatic Helium Leak Detection

PDF #6 Winter 2006 (PDF – 1.17 MB)
Coil Specialist; Assembly Lines; MasSpec video

PDF #5 Summer 2006 (PDF – 1.17 MB)
Global Warming Potential (GWP); Leak Detection Method Comparison

PDF #4 Winter 2005 (PDF – 1.03 MB)
Alternative Refrigerants; Outside-In Automatic Helium Leak Detection

PDF #3 Summer 2005 (PDF – 1.12 MB)
VTech 75-Coil Specialist; Refrigerant Reclaim

PDF #2 Spring 2005 (PDF – 1.15 MB)
Leak Detection; About VTech

PDF #1 Winter 2005 (PDF – 988 KB)
About VTech; Automatic Leak Detection