Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration products can be very diverse in terms of size, refrigerant type and charge weight. Production equipment flexibility becomes a key factor in this market. Productivity is typically low to medium and for some applications allows the integration of additional functions, such as leak testing and pre-evacuation, within the refrigerant charging equipment. Typical refrigerants include R134aR404aHFO Blends (e.g. R448, R513a) and R290 (Propane).


The following is VTech’s typical equipment lineup for this market:

Pre-EvacuationPre-Vac 40Single or multiple pump vacuum cart
Data ManagementST300Process Data Traceability
Leak TestingVTech 75Pressure and Tracer Gas Leak Testing
Refrigerant FillingVTech 100 SeriesRefrigerant filling Equipment for non-flammable refrigerant
Refrigerant Filling100PDAll-in-One Refrigerant filling and leak test equipment
Refrigerant FillingMRC-HCRefrigerant Filling Equipment for flammable refrigerant
Ultrasonic SealingRSA-3000Ultrasonic Tube Sealing


Domestic Refrigeration

Domestic Refrigerators production is characterized by highly automated, fast-paced assembly lines with limited process variability. This market is currently transitioning from R134a to R600a refrigerant, requiring large investments in production line re-engineering and new flammable refrigerant capable production equipment. High charging accuracy is paramount given the current limitations of R600a charge weight. Automation and process data traceability are other key requirements for this market. VTech offers complete turn-key solutions for R600a refrigerant charging including regulatory compliance and engineering support during the whole life of the project.


The following is VTech’s typical equipment lineup for this market:

Pre-EvacuationData-VacPre-evacuation loop and data management system
Leak TestingUNO-HPressure leak testing and flow capillary measurement
Leak TestingUNO-HeTracer Gas Leak Detection
Helium RecoveryBoosterHelium Recovery
Refrigerant FillingMRC-HC-SRefrigerant Filling Equipment
Ultrasonic SealingRSA-3000Ultrasonic Tube Sealing