Customized Solutions in Leak Detection/Testing and Refrigerant Charging

Here are a few examples of how we have applied our technology to create customized solutions:

1) Custom Equipment Design in Heat Pump Manufacturing

Custom Equipment Design in Heat Pump Manufacturing

A European Heat Pump manufacturer had an extremely limited floor space available for its manufacturing layout. They needed to perform leak detection, evacuation and refrigerant charging on parallel production lines using a single piece of equipment. Essentially, they needed a custom system but did not want to pay the custom price tag.

This is often the case with small commercial refrigeration and A/C manufacturers. In this instance VTech capitalized on its flexible equipment platform to build a solution with a centralized control and gas supply system feeding two operator stations. Special versions of the filling heads incorporated independent circuits for vacuum, nitrogen/helium charging and refrigerant charging.

Bottom line: VTech combined its standard equipment modules to build a customized solution.

Your benefit: Lower cost of ownership and increased reliability

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2) Customized Equipment Design in Domestic Refrigeration

Customized Equipment Design in Domestic Refrigeration

When working with flammable refrigerants in commercial/domestic refrigeration safety is the first priority. However, safety requirements can also impact production layouts requiring custom equipment solutions.

One such domestic refrigerator plant in Asia, which includes production of refrigerators with Hydrocarbon R600a refrigerant on six production lines, wanted to charge R600a on all lines but did not have the space for six separate refrigerant charging boards. VTech again used its flexible equipment platform to deliver a custom-designed solution using standard modules.

The system included two centralized units feeding three operator stations located as far as 20 meters away. Due to the high production rate of each line, powerful air extraction systems were installed at the R600a charging points (instead of using dedicated safety enclosures), thereby limiting space requirements.

Again, VTech delivered a custom engineered solution without the custom price tag.

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3) Customized Equipment Design in Leak Testing

Customized Equipment Design in Leak Testing

Leak testing of Custom Air Handling devices at a U.S. manufacturer involved three main requirements: Speed, repeatability and automation.

While our standard VTech 50 leak detection equipment platform was the perfect fit for the application, we still had to design custom fixtures in order to precisely match the geometry of the test unit.

That included a powered port-sealing fixture with a double set of o-rings that allowed for “hands-free” operation. In addition, we had to incorporate safety features for the operators in a high-speed production environment.

VTech designs custom leak testing and refrigerant charging systems by combining standard equipment modules and specific solutions for the application.


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