Air Conditioning production encompasses a wide range of products, from split units to window air conditioners, heat pumps and specialty custom products. VTech’s range of refrigerant chargers covers the full spectrum of this end-user market, including low and high productivity standard machines as well as custom designed solutions. Current refrigerants include R410a and R407c, but the industry is expected to transition to R32 in the next few years. Although R32 is classified as “mildly flammable”, it will have an impact on refrigerant charging equipment design in terms of safety features required to guarantee a safe operation. VTech offers complete turn-key solutions for R32 refrigerant charging including regulatory compliance and engineering support during the whole life of the project.

The following is VTech’s typical equipment lineup for this market:

Pre-EvacuationDATA-VACPre-evacuation loop and data management system
Pre-EvacuationPre-Vac 40Single or multiple pump vacuum cart
Leak TestingVTech 75Pressure and tracer gas leak testing
Refrigerant Filling EquipmentVTech 102-2Refrigerant filling equipment
Refrigerant Filling EquipmentMRC-HC-2-2Refrigerant filling equipment for flammable refrigerant
Ultrasonic tube sealingRSA-3000-HDUltrasonic tube sealing