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Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Recovery
VTech Talk: Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Recovery


Presented in this VTech Talk is hydrocarbon refrigerant recovery. Discussed are the practicalities of this process in a production environment and how it impacts units on repair lines.

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Removing moisture from a refrigeration or A/C system:


Pre-Evacuation Best Practices and Pump Quantification(PDF - 129 KB)

Pumpdown Time and Pump Implementation (PDF - 212 KB)

Sizing Vacuum Pumps (PDF - 95.0 KB)

Understanding Pressure and Vacuum (PDF - 144 KB)

Leak Testing Technology for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems and Components:

VTECH_leak_detection (PDF - 1.18 MB)

Background - Tracer Gas Leak Detection (PDF - 94.7 KB)

Diffusion (PDF - 80.3 KB)

Pressure Decay Leak Test Profiling (PDF - 20.9 KB)

Vacuum as Leak Test (PDF - 150 KB)

Refrigerant Charging Technology:

Ready for Hydrocarbon Refrigerants (PDF - 102 KB)

Refrigeration 101 (PDF - 154 KB)

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