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Here are several examples of how we have applied our technology in the Domestic and Commercial Refrigeration markets:

1) Turnkey Installation for Domestic Refrigerator Production

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Control Unit1
Control Unit1

Control Unit2
Control Unit2

VTech installed a turnkey Domestic Refrigeration assembly line at a market leader of home appliances, including a pre-evacuation carousel, refrigerant charge board, electrical safety and performance test equipment. A complete Data management system tracks production by serial number for warranty and statistical purposes.

Refrigerators come off the assembly line and are each connected to a vacuum pump and wireless gauge assembly, which is continuously sending data to the vacuum hub control unit. The data management system compares the actual pre-evacuation curve of each refrigerator with the base-line vacuum curve of a "standard" unit in order to have an early detection of defective units without going through the full cycle. Vacuum level of each refrigerator is monitored and displayed, as well as "passed" vs. "rejected" units through the use of color codes.

Following pre-evacuation they are disconnected and pass along the conveyor to the refrigerant charging board.

The VTech MRC Automatic Evacuation and Refrigerant Charging System allows the operator to repeatedly connect, perform a quick vacuum check of the pre-evacuated units, and charge refrigerant with high accuracy, all within a few seconds.

After charging, the refrigerator is leak tested one last time using a Halogen sniffer, and undergoes an electrical safety test. Finally, much like the pre-evacuation carousel, another carousel with performance test modules, one for each refrigerator, relay information such as temperature curve and defrost cycles to the data management system.

2) Refrigerant Charging Solutions for Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturing

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Prep Table
Prep Table

A Commercial Refrigeration manufacturer with several locations in the US has standardized their leak detection, evacuation and refrigerant charging process with our VTech 100 Series Refrigerant Charging System which is designed to perform multiple functions including pressure decay leak detection, dual-sided evacuation and refrigerant charge.

Since production levels are moderate, with many independent lines throughout the plant, a VTech unit is used in each work cell. The operator connects the hoses, enters the unit preset by scanning the barcode of the product, and walks away to perform other tasks while the machine performs the cycle automatically. If a problem occurs with the product, such as a leak or insufficient vacuum, a beacon light flashes red, indicating that the operator’s attention is needed.

Rather than having several pieces of equipment performing dedicated functions, the VTech 100-PD can seamlessly perform all of these functions.

3) High Precision Charging in Scientific Applications

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Refrigeration System
Refrigeration System

A global manufacturer of cooling systems for scientific applications (i.e. medical devices) came to us with a requirement for an automatic charging unit with a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.2 g for an 80 g charge, or ±0.003%! The company previously used a trial and error process in which they manually added and removed refrigerant until they achieved their performance goal, which was extremely subjective and time consuming.

We specified our standard VTech 101 Automatic Evacuation and Refrigerant Charging System but we knew that a couple of adjustments would be required. First we needed to guarantee a more precise tolerance in the refrigerant supply pressure coming from their 100 lb. cylinders, since pressure fluctuations can greatly affect charging accuracy. This was accomplished through the use of VTech’s Heated Refrigerant Supply System, including a special sensor that would identify any trace of vapor in the refrigerant supply line. Secondly, we adjusted our PLC algorithms controlling charging accuracy in order to supply more frequent real-time data to the metering device, which resulted in a more precise charge.

This case study witnesses VTech's philosophy of approaching customized solutions through the integration of standard equipment modules.


Category Product Capabilities
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Refrigerant Charging




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