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VTech's new TRP line of vacuum pumps for HVAC/R applications, deliver power and performance at an affordable price. The pumps have undergone stringent laboratory and in-field testing and have proven to be a reliable alternative to the most popular brands on the market.

Together with the pumps also comes our process knowledge, which means we will review each pump application and recommend a suitable solution. In essence, we are not selling a piece of hardware, but rather a solution to your requirement.

As an example, we recently took on a project at a commercial refrigeration manufacturer, with a goal of decreasing evacuation time from 50 minutes to 20 minutes. The existing set up included “service type” vacuum pumps with a manifold and small diameter rubber hoses.

After a 30-minute evacuation, the unit struggled to reach 400 microns.

The solution was to replace the service pumps with a 22 cfm double stage high vacuum pump rated for continuous duty. Connection to the unit’s high and low side service valves was replaced with ½” vacuum rated hoses, completely bypassing the manifold. The unit reached a vacuum level of 100 microns after 3 minutes. This value was measured using a digital vacuum gauge installed close to the service valves in order to have a more accurate reading of the vacuum level inside the unit. VTech recommends installing digital vacuum gauges on each vacuum pump similar to the configuration shown here. Alternatively, a mobile cart for single or multiple pump configuration with PLC control is available.

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